Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I have biweekly service?

  1. Regular cutting is another secret to a beautiful lawn. The more often we mow, the smaller your clippings and the nicer your lawn will look.
  2. If you let your grass grow too long before mowing, the clippings will be long and lay on top of your grass like piles of hay. Which was a common reason for customer complaints.
  3. Your edging has too much time to get overgrown.
  4. It’s not as efficient. Having all our customers be on a weekly schedule allows us to run our routes more efficiently and get you faster, better quality service.
  5. Lawn mowing rates start at $45.00 weekly.


Why won't you bag my clippings?

  1. Time- Bagging your clippings would take more time, which in turn would increase your rate.
  2. Water- The clippings help your lawn retain water, which means you don’t have to water it as often.
  3. Fertilizer- There is no easier or more natural way to fertilize your grass than leaving the clippings on the lawn
  4. Appearance- You may look at your lawn and think “these clippings need to be raked” Don’t worry about it! When the grass is first cut, the clippings will sit on top of your lawn but after a day or so, the clippings will settle into the lawn and you won’t even notice them! Your grass will be much happier and healthier, which gives you a more beautiful lawn.


Why are there clumps of grass on my lawn?

  1. The most likely reason for clumps on your lawn is that your grass was wet upon mowing. Wet grass is heavier and harder to disperse evenly. Therefore, you may see clumps on the lawn or clippings that were not blown off your fence or pavement. If the grass is wet, it’s just not possible to get them all off BUT we do try our absolute best. Why would we cut wet grass?
  2. A) It's spring time- In the spring, several things happen to cause your grass to be more wet. Firstly, the ground may still be frozen, which prevents drainage and will cause your grass to be more wet. Secondly, your grass is retaining more water to prepare for growth. When you consider these reasons along with the frequent rainfall we receive in spring, it is easy to see why wet grass is unavoidable.
  3. B) Morning dew- In and effort to get all our valued customers serviced promptly, we start early in the lawn service industry! Which means we cut wet, dewy grass.
  4. Length- If this is one of the first five cuts of the season, you are going to have clumps on your lawn, there is just no way around this. Because of the length and lush quality of spring grass, the clippings are longer and likely wet. The first few cuts of the season never look like the nice uniform cut you’re looking for. The good news is once the rain slows down and the sun comes out, the clippings settle right into the lawn and you’ll barely notice them.


Why is my grass drying out?

  1. Chances are, you aren’t watering enough. If you want your grass to be healthy and full, you have to water regularly. During the hot season, this means at least a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening. Watering longer, less often is better for your lawn than short, frequent watering. You want to give the lawn a chance to soak the water down to the roots, not just stay at the surface. Deep watering will cause the roots of your lawn to grow deeper in the ground. This will help your lawn be more drought tolerant and have a fuller, greener look. Deep watering is the key to keeping your lawn lush.
  2. It was cut too short. - We mow at 3”, which is the MGIA industry standard length. Lots of customers prefer a shorter, more manicured look. However, the health of your lawn is our top priority and shorter is not better. If your grass is too short, it exposes the root system to the sun
  3. If you ask our lawn tech to mow your grass shorter, this stops the roots from growing and will also cause your grass to need more watering to keep it from going yellow.


What is your minimum pricing on a landscape project?

Everyone has a budget in mind. For our crews to come out and perform all of the work necessary to make your unique we have a $1,500 minimum.


Why do we like pavers more than concrete?

Not only are the aesthetically beautiful, but paving stone patios also have several benefits. Here's why we love paving stones!

1.They're jointed

In Michigan, we have famously fluctuation weather, this is the main reason pavement can crack. however, paving stones are jointed, this means when the earth shifts or the weather fluctuates, the jointed pavers can move freely and accommodate the changes without damaging your patio, walkway or driveway

2.They're dry set.

Pavers are dry set, meaning there is no need for mortar. This means if you need to change your paver system, relevel it or perform a repair, all you need to do is pull them up and put them back in place when you're finished.

3.They have low moisture absorption

All these Great Lakes cause the air in our state to have a lot of moisture. Paving stones have low moisture absorption, meaning they hold up better to freeze and thaw.

4.They Hold Tons of Weight

Paving stones hold 4 times the amount of weight a concrete slab can withstand. Their jointed design allows them to disperse the pressure and weight evenly, making them perfect for driveways.


Paving stones are manufactured to be son-skid and non-slip. This means no ugly tire tracks on your driveway and no slip and falls on wet pavement.

Best way stone offers a life time warrantee on their paving stones!


How often should I water my lawn?

If the temperature is under 50 degrees, don't water your lawn. In the hot season water a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening.


Why won't you haul my leaves away? They're going to kill my grass!

No way! Mulching your fall leaves into your lawn is the best thing you could do for your grass! Not only do you avoid a dump fee for disposing of the leaves. You also give your grass a healthy dose of fertilizer that acts as a protectant over the winter. All those little leaf bits will decompose, feeding your grass as the spring rain sets in. Thus, resulting in a beautiful, lush green lawn.


Who is "The Guy"? Where did you get your company name?

Ever need help and think to yourself. "I need to call the guy that helped me out before, but what was his company name???"

Our customers never must strain to remember us! you need the guy? We are The Guy!